Fall Home Tour 2016

Are you ready? Today marks the second official day of fall and my first official [fall] home tour of the new house! Let’s face it. I couldn’t keep directing you guys (especially my new readers) to the empty house tour! As exhilarating as it was, I’m sure you’ve been waiting for some action and I don’t blame you!

If you’re joining me here today from Pretty Real Blog or any other stops along this Fall Home Tour hop hosted by Meg of Green with Decor, then welcome!

In May, I shared my Summer Home Tour of our last house right before our move in June. Fast forward through a few months of midwestern heat & humidity, a couple road trips, Haven conference, both boys’ birthdays, our 5 year anniversary, back-to-school (read: 2 year tots and 4’s preschool, but school nonetheless!) and working on turning the new house into a home, it has been slightly cray! Once September arrived and the level of sticky, mugginess FINALLY let up on us here in Chicago-land, we started to settle into our new home and the day-to-day routines. With both boys being in “school” for the first time together, it freed up a little time for me to begin planning projects and get busy!

Let me show you what I’ve been working on. Here is a peak into our home all dressed up for fall… Continue reading

Master Bedroom Accent Wall

Hello and welcome! If you are stopping by today from Amber Oliver, I am thrilled to have you! Two things have me uber excited today. 1 – I am sharing our brand new accent wall in the master bedroom [which is truthfully one of the first nearly finished spaces in our new house] and 2 – I’m joining 19 other bloggers this week who are also sharing wall treatment ideas for bonus inspiration! The bedroom wall was honestly finished in the knick of time to be able to participate in this fabulous blog hop hosted by Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. She rounded up some of her modern/eclectic friends to be able to show you all there ARE other ways to create an accent wall OTHER than shiplap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shiplap walls, but they are EV-ER-Y-WHERE right now because of Joanna Gaines’ and “Fixer Upper”.

If shiplap is your jam, then roll with it. But if you are looking for alternative, less farmhouse-y ideas, then we are here for YOU!

My style calls for a wall that’s a bit more bold…with a touch of chic. Continue reading

Inspired by DIY | West Elm Inspired Beaded Pillow

I’m so ready to get this week moving and share  so many new and exciting things with you! It’s going to be a fun, jam-packed, super inspiring week here on the blog and it all starts today with another round of Inspired by DIY. This month’s theme, West Elm, is one of my very favorite home decor stores, so selecting an item to “be inspired by” and create something similar on my own…was, well, let’s just say…difficult. I’m always eyeing their catalog and usually have a wish list at least 20 items deep and my DIY short-list was about the same 😉

If you’ve been around here long enough then you know my love for throw pillows runs deep. Buying them, making them, switching them from room to room, it all makes my happy! When I first spotted this West Elm pillow online, I was instantly drawn to it…because…pillows!

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Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room Progress Update

And just like that it’s mid-September! My goal was to have the biggest’s Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room Wrapped up sometime this month and by the looks of my list, I don’t think I’m doing too bad! I’ve said this before, but when it’s quiet on the blog, there is a good chance that it is BUSY behind the scenes. I’ve been cranking on this room and am loving the direction it’s rolling in.

I love that he likes his new room and is excited to actually go in there for quiet time and bedtime. Two times of the day that I would prefer to not battle with my 4 year old! The other thing I love about this space is how I was able to work in a few pieces from his nursery, like his curtains and dresser. Granted, I’m giving them a quick update, but I’m using what I have and saving a ton of money!

It’s bright. It’s bold. And there’s a ton of pattern play.

Here, I’ll let you take a look at my updated checklist and see for yourself… Continue reading

Do You Want to Love Your Space…Again?

We’ve all been there before, right? I mean…you want your home to feel…finished. You want it to feel like it represents who you are and what your family is all about. A reflection of your life. But how do you showcase your favorite things, favorite colors, your style AND make your house flow effortlessly from room-to-room? Oh and actually have the time to do it all – AHHH! It can feel like a mountain of work. I get it, I really do. But you guys, you’re in luck! My sweet and talented friend, Kathryn from Up to Date Interiors has simplified this process and actually wrote an e-book to help us all along our own journey of loving our space. Maybe you did at one point, or maybe you never have, but by applying the practical tips and steps Kathryn shares in this book, I am confident you we can do this. SERIOUSLY!

Are  you ready to love your space…again or for the first time…maybe in a long time!? Continue reading