Swap It Like It’s Hot! [AKA This Super Sweet Thrift Item Challenge]

Did she just say swap?

That’s exactly right!

I am thrilled to be participating in the 6th Swap It Like It’s Hot for the very first time today! My friend Charlotte of Ciburbanity created the challenge as a way for bloggers to show how you can take inexpensive thrifted items and with a little creativity and TLC, transform them into completely different pieces with a multitude of new and unique uses! The best part [or maybe the initimidating part?!] is that we don’t choose our own pieces. We go shopping for someone else, ship our thrifted finds off to them and then sit back and watch the magic happen to our pieces. So while I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Heather from Southern State of Mind did to my items, Amy from My Life at Home anxiously awaits the transformation of the pieces she sent to me!

Make sense?

Here, let me show you! Continue reading


Fall 2016 One Room Challenge [Week 3: All The Things Are Arriving!]

Ok. Seriously. This challenge is half-way over. Say what?! If you’re sitting there wondering what challenge I’m talking about, then let me catch you up a bit!

Today, I’m sharing my week 3 progress post for the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. If you missed the start of this space, here are my Week 1 & Week 2 posts.

The One Room Challenge™ is an event that takes place every April and October, where 20 selected design bloggers transform a space in their home over the course of 6 weeks. But this challenge is not just for the pros! ANY blogger, referred to as a “Guest Participant” can join in the fun as well! By Thursday of each week the internet is roaring with ORC buzz! Ideas, inspiration and so so much support! All of the participants are genuinely encouraging and extremely helpful and motivating. Each week the support system grows stronger and stronger — we’re all in this TOGETHER! Continue reading


Bold + Graphic Big Boy Room Reveal [Curious Little Gentleman]

It pains me to even call it a big boy room. But it is and he is. He is four going on fourteen and I can’t slow him down. I can, however, only allow his bedroom space to age little-by-little. Today, I’m so excited to finally share our biggest’s new room. The space I coined the Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room when I first designed it here. My inspiration and design evolved into a bright, bold and graphic space that isn’t “too” grown-up, but rather, has qualities that teeter between toddler and a growing, changing, curious & inquisitive little man space. Continue reading


Fall 2016 One Room Challenge [Week 2: Dining Room Lighting]

We celebrated T’s birthday over the weekend on the most beautiful fall day. His parents got to town around 10, so we drank coffee and played with the boys out back, golfed in the afternoon and since we had a sitter at the house, we decided to have dinner out, too! But somehow, an early night in on Saturday still made for a long day of recovering on Sunday! And then Monday came and I knew it was time to get moving on some projects. One in particular, as you might guess…

So, how the dining room is coming along?!

Well….let’s see…ummm…can I get an extension, please?!! Continue reading

Bold Graphic Glam Dining Room Makeover | One Room Challenge Mood Board & design ideas | This is our Bliss | www.thisisourbliss.com

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge [Week 1: The Before + Mood Board]

It’s here! It’s HERE! Nope, not Christmas morning, but it sort of feels like it in blogland right now. We’ve all been prepping and planning, ready to unveil our “chosen” spaces. The space that will receive a top-to-bottom makeover over the course of the next 6 weeks. Week 1 of the Fall 2016 One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home is here!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge [ORC] yet, buckle up. It’s going to be a wild and incredibly inspiring ride! When This is our Bliss was about 1 year old, I jumped in and joined the Spring 2015 One Room Challenge and madeover our guestroom. You can see Week 1 here and work your way to the reveal from there!

After sitting a couple rounds out, I’m now ready to rock and roll through this challenge! With our move into the new house in June, I really could’ve selected any given number of rooms, but the one I decided I really want to tackle this fall before the holidays is…. Continue reading

Large Scale Art for the Big Boy Room Gallery Wall

Hey there, October! The onset of Fall has really kicked me into gear with house projects, which is a good think seeing as how another big one kicks off this week. Did someone say One Room Challenge?! Aside from the start of the ORC this week, I’m here today with a Curious Little Gentleman Big Boy Room update! And its more than a sneak peek…I’m going to share an entire wall of the room with you! Pretty sweet, huh?!

It’s no secret I am a “more is more” kind of decorator and that I never shy away from the collected look, especially when talking about the walls. For the new big boy room, I was pretty positive I wanted to create a gallery wall over his bed, with all my favorite photos and some cool art showcasing his favorite things relating to the Curious Little Gentleman theme. However, after putting a little more thought into it, I decided to go with the idea of hanging several larger items on the wall instead of a typical gallery wall made up of an array of 8″ x 10″ or 11″ x 14″ frames.

I wanted to make a statement. Continue reading


A Casual Fall Tablescape [How to add a warm, welcoming vibe to your Fall Table]

Hi, friends! I’m absolutely loving the coolish fall temps we’ve had in Chicagoland over the last few days. I think I’m even going to turn the fireplace on tonight [one of my very favorite things to do now through March]! I hope you enjoyed peeking inside our home last week when I shared my fall home tour on Friday. The amount of work that goes into getting the house ready to be photographed is all worth it when it’s over because then house is fully ready to enjoy as a family and host and entertain in with friends!

Today, I’m sharing a few more shots of the tablescape you saw in the tour and a few tips for how to add a warm and welcoming fall vibe to your fall table. Mine is full of texture, patterns and a mix of metals — all of which ring pretty true to my style. Don’t you agree?! Continue reading


Fall Home Tour 2016

Are you ready? Today marks the second official day of fall and my first official [fall] home tour of the new house! Let’s face it. I couldn’t keep directing you guys (especially my new readers) to the empty house tour! As exhilarating as it was, I’m sure you’ve been waiting for some action and I don’t blame you!

If you’re joining me here today from Pretty Real Blog or any other stops along this Fall Home Tour hop hosted by Meg of Green with Decor, then welcome! Continue reading

Chic wallpaper with berry colored and leopard print pillows | This is our Bliss | www.thisisourbliss.com

Master Bedroom Accent Wall

Hello and welcome! If you are stopping by today from Amber Oliver, I am thrilled to have you! Two things have me uber excited today. 1 – I am sharing our brand new accent wall in the master bedroom [which is truthfully one of the first nearly finished spaces in our new house] and 2 – I’m joining 19 other bloggers this week who are also sharing wall treatment ideas for bonus inspiration! The bedroom wall was honestly finished in the knick of time to be able to participate in this fabulous blog hop hosted by Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. She rounded up some of her modern/eclectic friends to be able to show you all there ARE other ways to create an accent wall OTHER than shiplap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shiplap walls, but they are EV-ER-Y-WHERE right now because of Joanna Gaines’ and “Fixer Upper”.

If shiplap is your jam, then roll with it. But if you are looking for alternative, less farmhouse-y ideas, then we are here for YOU!

My style calls for a wall that’s a bit more bold…with a touch of chic. Continue reading

West Elm Inspired beaded pillow | DIY beaded pillow | This is our Bliss | www.thisisourbliss.com

Inspired by DIY | West Elm Inspired Beaded Pillow

I’m so ready to get this week moving and share  so many new and exciting things with you! It’s going to be a fun, jam-packed, super inspiring week here on the blog and it all starts today with another round of Inspired by DIY. This month’s theme, West Elm, is one of my very favorite home decor stores, so selecting an item to “be inspired by” and create something similar on my own…was, well, let’s just say…difficult. I’m always eyeing their catalog and usually have a wish list at least 20 items deep and my DIY short-list was about the same 😉

If you’ve been around here long enough then you know my love for throw pillows runs deep. Buying them, making them, switching them from room to room, it all makes my happy! When I first spotted this West Elm pillow online, I was instantly drawn to it…because…pillows!

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