May Pretty Project Party Features

Hi, guys!! Today I’m back with the hostesses picks from the May Pretty Project Party last week! Thank you so much to everyone that linked up!  There were so many gorgeous projects this month, and a major increase in complete room makeovers. Talk about some serious eye candy! We’ve selected our top three favorite projects, but there were so many great ones that linked up, we encourage you to go back and check them all out if you haven’t already done so! You can find them here located at the bottom of the post under the in-linkz hyperlink.

First up is this completely stunning master bedroom makeover from Melissa at Polished Habitat. Not only did she create one of the most unique wall treatments we’ve ever seen, but she completed transformed a bland space into something spectacular in only six weeks!


This kitchen makeover from The Honeycomb Home was another stunner. Another six week transformation that was a complete 180 from the original space!


Lastly, we were all drooling over this gorgeous industrial farmhouse dining room makeover from Little Red Brick House. Yet again, another six week makeover that wowed us all! Don’t you just love that brick and shiplap combo?!


Thank you again to everyone that linked up this month. We’ll be back with our next party on Thursday, June 16th. We hope to see you then!

So we are wrapping up the last day of pre-school and the end of the year program is tonight! Summer is officially HERE, you guys! Like I mentioned before, as we prepare to move, NEW projects have slowed down, but I still have plenty to share from our current home and a few summer fun posts planned too! The clock is ticking for our move date and I can’t WAIT to share what is to come in the new house – plenty of decorating adventures that I promise to bring you on!

Have a wonderful day!!

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DIY Color Block Lamp

Hello! And welcome to the Create & Share LAMP-alooza! I am so excited to be joining forces with a group of bloggers to bring you a total of 11 fabulous DIY lighting projects this month! Whether you’re looking to repurpose something INTO a lamp, makeover a thrifted one or simply recover that old-lamp-sitting-in-your-guestroom’s-shade – we are here to help you channel your inner DIY boss and be inspired to create!

Although this is my first time participating, typically the Create & Share Challenges feature a specific product for the month and each blogger has to come up with their own way to create something from that one item. The goal being that everyone will put their own spin on their project and no 2 pieces will come out looking the same! Well, with the amount of talent in the group, there’s no denying the projects are off the charts on the creativity scale. Inspiration for daaaays. Continue reading

Pretty Project Party #4 [May 2016]

Hello, friends!  Welcome to the May Pretty Project Party!  It’s been another great month for all the hostesses as we freshen our homes for spring and summer!  We’re ready for it!  And we’re ready for you all to show us what you’ve been up to as well.  Here are a few things that have been keeping us busy lately… Continue reading

Inspired by DIY | Eddie Ross Inspired Indoor Summer Bar

When we kicked off this monthly Inspired by DIY Challenge in February with Kate Spade, I knew I was going to have fun with it — with fabulous designer themes each month, new projects for our home and doing it with such a talented and creatively inspiring group. I mean, how could it not be a blast?!

*affiliate links are used in this post.

This month we are pulling inspiration from Mr. Modern Mix himself — Eddie Ross! He flawlessly combines thrifted antique gems, with chic, classic pieces and then tops it off with a brilliant, modern spin. He style is fearless, fun and exceptionally inspiring! Not to mention, his signature “looks” can be achieved by incorporating frugal, second-hand finds in order to keep styling and accessorizing on budget.

Today I’m going to show you how I styled my Eddie Ross inspired space! Continue reading

The Time Has Come…

Things have been a little crazy lately. I mean, life is crazy busy and the days come and go with the blink of an eye, but things have been particularly hectic around here lately.

I’m not really sure what I’ve been waiting for, but I just wasn’t feeling like the time was right to bring it up on the blog. I do share a lot here with you guys, but not every teeny tiny detail about my life. Although you probably get a healthy dose of random tidbits every now and then!

So, the time has come….for us to move. Yep, we are moving.

It still doesn’t seem real and typing it out doesn’t make it feel any more real either. Somehow, I thought it might!

We are moving because T was essentially asked to take on a larger market within his company. He’s going to have one larger operation and give up 2 smaller ones. The new office is located about 65 miles north of where we live now in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. It’ll actually be our 3rd move for new opportunities that arose for him within his company. We went from Chicago to Indianapolis and then back to Illinois. We truly did not know where our next move would be since he’s always made it known that he is flexible and mobile and more than willing to go anywhere they need him to. So, we were quite surprised when we found out this current move was going to happen because its somewhat rare that he would be able to take on a larger, more challenging market and still be able to stay in Illinois. So, here we are! No more overnight travel – yay! No more stress of managing 2 offices that are 2 hours apart. It’s all GOOD! The only thing that hasn’t been quite so good, is his commute. He’s been doing the drive to his new office from our current house for a couple months now and it’s been pretty brutal. He’s been tacking on an extra 1.5-2 hours each way to an already lengthy work day. The kicker is that he has to pass by O’Hare Int’l airport which can cause plain nasty traffic and is so unpredictable!

So, the good is that we’ll be moving closer to his new office and we get to have him home a couple more hours in the day…the bad is that we have to leave this house – the place we’ve called home for 4 years…
20140528_8300 copyphoto credit: Photography by Robin Joy 

…and the place we brought both of our babies home to.
20140528_8133 copyphoto credit: Photography by Robin Joy 

I won’t get into the sappiness now because I’m sure that will come later as we get closer to our move date. I’m also not going to chat much about the details of the buying and selling because well, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. But yes, our home is under contract and we put an offer on a home last week! I’ll share updates as we move through the process on both ends.
Stairway gallery wall This is our BlissWith all that being said, I am so SO excited about the new adventures ahead of us as a family and, as you probably already guessed, the “new house decorating adventures” as well! It will be a blank slate and I’m already itching to get my hands on it! I still have several posts to share with you on projects from our current house and I’m pretty positive that there’ll be some overlap of projects and ideas spilling over from this house to the next. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that we finished our basement [see some of our basement selections here and our bar progress here], revealed the basement bathroom and refreshed our master bedroom… I mean—it feels like yesterday, but in reality, we wrapped it all up within the last 6 months!! I can’t be certain what the next couple of months will look like here on the blog, but I sincerely hope that you’ll stick with me through this crazy, busy transition time! Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to share many room reveals and completed spaces with you for a little while, but there will be plenty of inspiration posts and mood boards to create as I start to gather ideas and plan new projects!

Yes, new projects – eek! I get butterflies just thinking about it!

So, that’s my big announcement that I mentioned in my last post. I’ve got a little something in the works to capture some of our treasured memories in this house and I’ll definitely be sharing that as soon as its finished! I’m really excited about it! Other than that, I’ll be back next Tuesday with another edition of “Inspired by DIY” and we’ll see what else I can wrap up and get out after that.

Your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, etc. are much appreciated as we navigate our way through our home situation. Everything happens for a reason and I’m hopeful things will all work out!

I hope you have an amazing weekend and thanks for being here!

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